From pens to bottles to magnets and flash drives, promotional products seem to be everywhere these days. Just take a look around your home or desk: Chances are you are even using some yourself. As a company, you have considered using promotional products to drive sales, but you aren’t exactly sure if the initial investment is worth it. Well, we are here to tell you that it absolutely, positively is. Here’s why:

Improve Your Brand Recognition

When you supply your clients and potential clients with an item that states your company’s name, they are more likely to remember you when they need the services or products that you provide. In fact, studies show that even after six months have passed, 39% of people who received a promotional product will be able to remember that company’s name. That’s because your name is subconsciously drilled into their brain every time they use the item you gave them—which is why it is important to choose one that is practical and well made, like a water bottle or a trendy lunch cooler.

Create a More Positive View of Your Business

People like free stuff; it’s really that simple. So when they receive promotional products from you that they would have had to buy otherwise, you are looked at very fondly in their eyes. It doesn’t even matter how expensive the item is, as long as it works. Meaning, you can give away something as basic as a pen, and if it writes well and looks professional, you will become the recipient’s new best friend.

Get More Reorders

Promotional products are especially helpful to handout along with a large purchase of your services or inventory. Why? Because then, when your customer is running low on the supplies you provided them, they will easily remember to give you a call and order more when they see your name on the promotional product you gave them. Again, as long as you choose an item that will get used, like a stainless steel travel mug or a USB flash drive, you will reap the benefits time and time again.

Extend the Life of Your Dollars

What happens when you send out a postcard? It gets read and then thrown away. What if you send out a magnet instead? Well, since most people could always use another magnet, they will pop it on the fridge without a second thought (bonus points if it also contains a bottle opener or a clip). A year or two later, your magnet will still be sitting there, perhaps holding up their child’s latest masterpiece. The promotional product is helpful, appealing to look at, and it happens to sport your company’s name. Everybody wins.