From pens to bottles to magnets and flash drives, promotional products seem to be everywhere these days. Just take a look around your home or desk: Chances are you are even using some yourself. As a company, you have considered using promotional products to drive sales, but you aren’t exactly... View Post
large format printing
Your marketing campaign may include a variety of mediums, such as direct mail, SEO, and maybe even radio ads. While these are all excellent forms of advertising, if you aren’t also taking advantage of wide format printing, then you are missing out. There are many benefits to posters, banners, and... View Post
women in marketing
Marketing is about presenting your company’s message, in repeated transmissions, without causing the buyer brand resentment. To achieve this, Marketing must attract consumers based on the values and principles that they have in common with the brand. When a consumer can identify their values... View Post
After many years of celebrating our annual LandmarkPrint Employee Holiday Party at various Local Restaurants, this year the Staff wanted to try to do something different and decided to have it In-House!! Sounded good to management... So we ordered some apps and trays of great food, bought the... View Post