Direct Mail and Fulfillment

Full House: Binding, Mailing, Shipping, and Warehousing.

CT mail fulfillment serviceControlling every step of the process is the absolute best way to control costs. That’s especially important when the final step—distribution—can quickly exceed all other production costs combined. That’s why LandmarkPrint is fully equipped to help you avoid the problems that add time and expense to your project. Saving money: isn’t that the greatest source of fulfillment in the business universe?
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Landmark Technologies

A Complete Bindery
In-house, we have the staff and equipment to score, fold, collate, band, shrink-wrap and box your finished product, to your precise instructions.

Kirk-Rudy High-Speed Inkjet Addressing System
This technology ensures that your envelopes, custom wafer seals, mailing tabs and labels look as sharp and professional as the materials they bring. We’re CASS-certified and utilize the latest in NCOA software, ensuring address accuracy and assuring you get every postage discount for which you qualify.

In a word, Experience.
Is experience a technology? When you see how we use it to hold down your costs, you’ll be a believer. Is your package an odd size or shape? Will it give the post office agita? Will they give it back in a hurry? Not to worry. Our staff has long experience with local, regional, national and international distribution, backed by the technology to ensure your materials pass muster and arrive on time, for the lowest possible cost.

Warehousing and Storage
In a just-in-time world, it just doesn’t make sense to use your own limited space and resources to warehouse your print products. Use our 7,000 square-foot, environmentally controlled facilities and advanced inventory systems to store your materials until you need them, then track delivery diligently to your destination.

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