It’s the era of digital printing and in the competitive sector of the wide format printing market, it’s not easy to stay on top of the game. That’s why Stamford, Connecticut-based LandmarkPrint recently took a BIG step when it purchased a Zund G3 Digital Cutter System to complement its full-service, in-house capabilities offerings.

Carmine Iannacchino, one of the principal owners at LandmarkPrint, oversees the Wide Format Department and said he recognized the growing industry trends and decided it was time to invest in this valuable piece of equipment. “We wanted to offer more creative production options to our clients and be the clear vendor of choice on specialty projects. The Zund name always comes up as a leader in digital cutting. Many of my colleagues have gone with a Zund Cutting System and loved it, so I called Global Imaging to see if I could learn more about it.”

Iannacchino said they chose Global because of its highly regarded industry reputation and excellent software and support services. He added that getting the Zund G3 was a logical next step in the completion of an already well-equipped department. LandmarkPrint has an HP Scitex FB700 Flatbed UV Printer with Caldera RIP and 8’ roll capability, Epson 64” GS 6000 roll printer, Seal 62” hot and cold laminator. “It shows our customers our commitment to this type of work and depth of capabilities. Our clients have always known us to produce quality work and the Zund takes us to the next level especially in the area of customization. If they can design it, we can produce it,” he said.

Most of LandmarkPrint’s wide format customers are marketing/ad agencies, design firms, and corporate marketing departments who need everything from free standing displays, retractable banner stands and custom- cut branded promotional pieces, to POP displays, wobblers and box comps. With the addition of the Zund G3 Digital Cutter, Iannacchino said his customers now understand the unending design possibilities and are coming up with challenging creative ideas that LandmarkPrint can execute. A simple tour of their 35,000 sq. ft. facility and a client can see “there’s no one in our market area that’s doing anything like this and we have Global and the Zund to thank for that.”

Prior to buying the Zund, LandmarkPrint was limited to square and round cuts, but the Zund enables them to cut any shape as long as it fits on the 72”x 98” table bed. The ability to produce custom cut pieces has allowed LandmarkPrint to give their customers more time to complete large last minute projects and has opened up new markets for them. As an example he cites a major beverage client that needed custom cut pieces of their beverage bottles for a marketing meeting. Additionally, with the Zund cut and score tool they can produce box comp samples prior to production runs and they have even done work for other printers in the area who don’t have the same capabilities.

LandmarkPrint worked with Global Imaging throughout the entire process, from initial ordering and application configuring, to financing and installation. Global even helped with the upgrade of LandmarkPrint’s Caldera Version 10 RIP Software. “We worked with Global and Zund jointly and they answered all of our questions, discussed capabilities and helped with space planning and table configuration that fit our needs.”