Priority Shipping Services

Critical Care Services

To prioritize your shipping for the lowest possible rates, let us handle it.

A Network of Distribution Expert
The names alone of our distribution partners inspire confidence: UPS, FedEx and DHL, all with online, automated air/ground tracking. For cross-country ground delivery, we also use TNT Red Star, New England Motor Freight and Yellow Freight. Any wonder why our customers feel at ease?

Custom Critical Service
Our partnership with FedEx includes this high-level service—priority point-to-point delivery. As soon as we finish the job, Fedex picks it up and—instead of putting it through their usual distribution system—drives it direct to its destination. The solution is often more cost-effective than air freight.

A Fleet of Our Own
For an extra measure of service, we put four of our own trucks on the road, ready for local and regional deliveries. Whether it’s a fresh-off-the-press proof or a finished delivery, LandmarkPrint is ready to roll.

Negotiated Cost-Efficiency
We have Over-the-Road contracts with tractor-trailer companies across the country, to get the best possible rates.

We can expedite your work with our without your FedEx or UPS account number. We do whatever it takes to get the job done on time and with the most possible savings.

CT quick turnaround printer for UPS    CT quick turnaround printing for FedEx

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