Marketing is about presenting your company’s message, in repeated transmissions, without causing the buyer brand resentment. To achieve this, Marketing must attract consumers based on the values and principles that they have in common with the brand. When a consumer can identify their values within a brand and constantly be reinforced by that very same value system, consumers tend to become loyal customers and passionate ambassadors – since it is “their” value they are promoting. You need to have a sensitive and relatable personality in order to achieve this. So it’s no shocker women are bringing a different outlook to the marketing world and in turn are driving results faster than ever .

Here are 3 principles that women use which make them the most successful marketers

Confidence: As a marketing professional, women are able to get their ideas across by using a soft and gentle approach, while achieving the same objective; promoting the brand’s value.

Collaborators: Women have a better ability to collaborate in business. They are team builders and can understand all perspectives. Women have one goal during a conflict and that is to facilitate some sort of compromise and happy-medium space.

Communication: A trait most women carry is being a good listener, and it’s something women value in a partnership as well, whether that be personal or business related. Women tend to listen before they react in a situation and are better at picking up more body language and voice inflection cues.

We sat down with Michele Marruco who exhibits these 3 principles to discuss this a little further. Michele has established a marketing career spanning over 3 decades with some of the largest brands in the industry such as Bed, Bath and Beyond and Bloomingdales. Currently, Michele is the director of the promotional product division at LandmarkPrint. Her well recognized initiatives can be viewed at

How do you think you have been able to accomplish so much?

Michele: I believe one has to have vision. I always loved playing with home products. From the start of my career at Bloomingdales, in learning product development and importing to working with my own firm, representing world wide manufacturers. Also, working with such visionaries as Bed, Bath and Beyond in developing some of their earliest private label goods, I believe that it is about partnering with the right people and sharing the vision to find the next exciting product. In my current role with Landmark Print I am able to create a one stop resource under one roof for all of our customers which creates a win-win situation.

What are some things that inspire you?

Michele: Pinterest, Houzz, Shelter and trade magazines, still excite me. I follow real estate trends, interior and exterior, and my favorite is traveling both domestically and internationally.

What challenges have you overcome as a woman?

Michele: Earlier in my career working with Asian manufacturers, I was responsible for a large part of the volume by many Asian factories. Often, the senior management didn’t want to acknowledge that a woman was bringing them multi-million dollar orders. I was in fact, keeping their firm alive and in business.

Do you think there are any characteristics woman have that allow them to be great marketers?

Michele: Woman are more flexible and sensitive. I like to think that we have the vision to improve, take a project to the next level and have the patience it takes to make a project blossom. I always try to think that there is a positive in every situation, no matter what stage we are at in the project.

What advice do you have for women in the marketing field?

Michele: Today there are so many aspects under that big title, MARKETING. A current event today is a beginning of a new product tomorrow. Take everything around you and turn it into an opportunity – look towards the future via the passions that fuel your being.

To sum it up, women use their confident presence, collaborating minds and strong communication skills to outperform their counterparts. As we saw first hand, Michele is an epitome of what a successful female marketer can achieve when instinctive intuition and hard work meets creativity. So although men had a head start in business, we have not only caught up but we have begun to lead the way.